Laser Processing


Mechanical processing

Whether it is about the lathe, vertical milling or radial drilling, mechanical machining does not pose any secrets to us. These processes completes the range of Laser Processing services and allow our partners to trust us for integrated services. This means greater efficiency, lower costs and shorter time until project completion.

Laser Processing mechanical processing equipments are:

  • Lead Srew and Feed Shaft
  • Vertical Milling Machine
  • Radial Drill Press
  • Horizontal Band Saws
  • Drilling machine with column



Technical details

Mechanical processing is required in almost all industrial and related industries. That is why we have built into equipment and technologies to help our customers get the most faultless products with maximum efficiency.


    Part maximum length: 2000 mm

    Over bed frame diameter: 460 mm

    Over support diameter: 224 mm

    Over deck diameter: 690 mm

    Deck length: 155 mm

    Bed frame width: 300 mm 

    Pivoting interval: ±52°


    Fixing table surface: 320 x 1600mm

    T canel 3pcs

    T canelwidth: 18mm

    T caneldistance: 70mm

    Maximum load: 300 Kg


    X axe 1300 mm

    Y axe 290 mm

    Z axe 450 mm


    Drilling diameter: 62mm

    Treading power(Cast Iron) M52

    Treading power (Steel) M46

    Drilling depth 315mm

    Table dimension 2400 x 1000 x 200 mm

    Drilling course X axe 1250 mm

    Drilling course Y axe 585 mm

    Column diameter 350 mm


    Cutting capacity 90°(rectangular) 350 x 200 m

    Cutting capacity 90°(square) 280 mm

    Cutting capacity 90°(diameter) 280 mm

    Cutting capacity 45°(rectangular) 260x320 mm

    Cutting capacity 45°(square) 210 mm

    Cutting capacity 45°(diameter) 240 mm

    Cutting speed 20-100m/min (infinitely variable)

The Laser Processing team has invested and continues to invest in the improvement of mechanical processing services by bringing new technologies that allow us to offer the best services on the market.

Our extensive experience and the qualified personnel give us the chance to execute various techniques for processing the range of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, both with the equipments provided and also through the diversified collaborations we have with various specialized companies in this field.

Many of the parts inside the various appliances in the house such as the kitchen robot, the washing machine, the refrigerator are made through the mechanical processing process. This complex process is realized with the help of CNC machines as well as other high performance machines that have very high accuracy.

In order to benefit from the best mechanical processing services you can call us with confidence. We also execute metal processing processes that are composed of several logical stages, they are applied on various semi-manufactures that are executed by cutting, welding, resulting in the removal of a layer of material from the semi-manufactured by the form of chips.

The quality of the services offered plus our know-how helps us to offer top solutions for the highest demands from our customers who call us for mechanical processing.

Our production hall is continually upgraded, and our team of operators is well trained and qualified to operate the processing center as best as possible.

Laser Processing is based on high quality processes, continuous innovation in the training of the personnel and by the top technologies so that any project we have realized is of the best quality and to reach the objectives established from the beginning.

In this way an intermediate and even finished product with a specific geometric shape will be obtained, specified from the beginning of the mechanical processing process, having a specific size but also the surface according to the required roughness specifications.

A very common feature of parts that are mechanically machined is the fact that all surfaces are made by cylindrical or linear movements - which are executed with cutting tools.